Why is a hog roast from Spitting Pig better than the rest?

A  hog roast Douglas cooked by Spitting Pig Isle of Man is always the best because as hog roasters we have all the skill, experience and enthusiasm for hog roasting that most profit driven caterers do not. The majority of our chefs have been hog roasting professionally for years, and their experience is invaluable when hog roasting, because making the perfect hog roast is about the little things, and we do all the small things just right – that’s why our hog roasts are extra succulent and still provide the best, crunchiest crackling in the island.

Is a hog roast healthy?

As far as meat goes our hog roasts are really healthy, for a hog roast in Ramsey the meat that we use is bought local, organic, fresh and without tampering. We receive our pig’s fresh from dedicated local farmers. In the food stakes a hog roast is as natural as can be and a portion contains only a few hundred calories and only natural juices. But if you’re feeling really adventurous you can have some deliciously crispy crackling to go with it!

Do you cook hog roasts on site?

As a general rule all our hog roasts are cooked on the site, the only time that hasn’t been the case is when a customer has asked us to specifically to cook the hog beforehand because of time restrictions – such as not having access to the venue early enough. In all other cases pigs being cooked fresh on site is the standard and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It wouldn’t be half as much fun, or quite as good as it is, if we were to cook everything beforehand and simply reheat it on arrival. It’s not just pigs we prepare fresh on site; everything else is prepped on site also. We never cut corners.

Does cooking a hog roast take long?

Hog roasts do take a long time, purely because of the size of the animal that’s involved. But this doesn’t factor it too much, as we don’t have guests waiting 6 hours for their dinner! What we do instead is plan our arrival several hours prior to agreed serving time, and this way the food is always served just when you planned for, and your guests can enjoy the sight of a hog roast cooking for a couple of hours of the event, which is always a great way to build up an appetite and impress people.

Pigs can take a lot of time to cook, it’s all dependant on how many people you’re feeding and the size of pig we need to cook. As a rule of the thumb we like to say that every 10kg of meat is an hour. Regardless of size we always plan ahead to guarantee the pig is cooked and ready for when you want it.

Can you cook lamb instead of pig?

We can and very often do cook lamb instead of pig, alongside a whole host of other alternatives to pig. All except one of our menus has the option for chicken, beef, turkey and lamb spit roasts as opposed to a pig hog roast. Which you have will be up to you, all our foods are exceptional in their own right and people enjoy all options, it’s not just our roast pigs that are famous for being amazing.


Do you have a vegetarian option?

Yes we do. There’s always a vegetarian alternative when Spitting Pig Isle of Man are catering, just make sure to mention it beforehand and we’ll do everything that we can to accommodate vegetarian or vegan guests. We can even buy and cook imitation meat if they don’t want to feel left out, but we can only do this if you give us fair warning of their presence. Many of our menus have dishes that happen to not contain meat, which will also be served depending on the menu of your choice.

Is your catering for all locations on the island?

Spitting Pig Isle of Man covers the whole island, no matter which side you’re on, or whether you’re on the coast or right in the heart of the island.

How much do hog roasts costs?

hog roast in town is always determined on your unique circumstance, there’s never a set price we can give you until we know all the details of your event and the menu you desire.

How do you determine the price of catering?

The price of a hog roast on the Isle of Man is calculated based on several factors, these are the guests who will be eating, the venue, and the date of the event and as important as anything is the menu that you choose.

The good news is that you can get quotes from us without charge, and you can receive as many quotes as you want. We’ll help you to determine which menus are the best value for you.

If we hire a machine instead, how many people can we cook for?

A lot! We can’t say exactly how many people you can cook for because of two reasons, one being that we have different machines for hire and they have different cooking capacities, and the second reason being that it really depends on what you decide to cook with the machine and how vigorous you are with it.

The first machine generally can cook for over 100 people, while the biggest machine for hire can cook for round about 300 individuals. If you use the machines wisely by making use of all the functions – and we’ll give you a demonstration and an explanation on how the machine works so don’t worry about that – then you’ll easily be able to keep your friends and guests well fed.