Hog Roast Catering


Hog roast Castletown served by Spitting Pig is the ideal for any event, be it a private birthday party, a wedding, a corporate function or any one of many unique events that we cater at week after week. We’ve made our menus so that they’re great for all events and as good and suitable for any one event as the next. The plethora of customers we’ve had reflects that there is no specific event that’s better for a hog roast than the next. And that’s why our clients are so diverse in their needs; even though their need for catering is different they all see the great value of a hog roast Castletown, in terms of quality and price you can’t find a company to best us.

What Makes Us Different?

The menus offered up by Spitting Pig are a reflection of the company philosophy, we make great food that will send your appetite into over drive, but we don’t pigeon hole you into a menu you aren’t satisfied with, and we don’t force your guests to eat what we give them. Instead we’ve constructed a mouth watering selection of menus that give you the freedom you want for your event.

A True Catering Vision

We’ve categorised our menus to make life easier for you, which is something we’re big on, doing the small things right and alleviating the weight off your shoulders so that you yourself can relax – or relax as much as one can when planning an important event! At the moment our 3 main menu categories are weddings, private parties and corporate events. We sometimes have a 4th or even a 5th section, usually when an important event is just around the corner and we feel new menus are justified for the event. We often have Christmas menus towards the end of the year, as an example.

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